Florence Black Bio

Florence Black are a young rock band from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. Writing and performing together since childhood, Tristan, Jordan and Perry’s impressively self-taught musical abilities have garnered all sorts of attention since they exploded onto the charmed Welsh rock scene as passionate and raucous teenagers.

Now a tight knit unit of seriously talented musicians, and with three EP releases and shows with Stone Sour behind them, Florence Black are gaining ground. The trio’s energy, absolute determination and undeniable songwriting skill, tangible in tracks such as Down, and the surprisingly beautiful Grove Street, has earned them recent airtime on Planet Rock Radio and a growing, highly addicted fanbase.

Florence Black enter their New Year with new management and recording demos for a new release with Michael Paget (BFMV).  Fresh off the road after their first ever UK headline tour (Nov/Dec ’19) and back out again from February; Florence Black’s vibrant blend of real music, rare talent and hardcore rock ‘n’ roll is set to burst in 2020.



Live Review Text

On stage, three equally dynamic and confident performances come together perfectly. Prolific singer/songwriter Tristan Thomas (23, vocals, guitar) commands the room with his huge voice, charismatic stage presence and astonishing technical ability, he is flanked up front by the thunderous energy of Jordan Evans (25, backing vocals, bass) and backed by the rock solid grooves of Perry Davies (22, backing vocals, drums).  Emotive and catchy melodies, crushing heavy riffs and old school vibes combine to create Florence Black’s energetic and memorable sound.




Written by Jennifer Stacey – crackhillstudio@gmail.com